Answered By: Ann Breitenwischer
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In completing papers/projects for courses, internships or other assignments, students should consider one-on-one assistance from a faculty librarian in selecting and locating relevant information sources. Most importantly - when stuck, looking for better sources or simply where to begin!  Librarians also can meet with a group!

Students who seek this assistance are amazed how easy, faster and effective it is for learning about potential resources in the FLITE collections and online to fill their information need. 

How to reach a librarian -

Consultations take place by real time chat, text (SMS), phone, or appointment (in person or virtually by Zoom). Email always is an option especially when live research/reference is closed.  Chat, appointment or email are preferred for detailed research questions.

Reach the librarian through the Ask FLITE link -

Librarians by (College/Program) Subject -

What to expect -

Librarians respect your right to Privacy and Confidentiality of your question, the sources you use and your identity.

The faculty librarian may ask you for specific assignment details – from the syllabus or handout, if you have. What sources you have been using in the search process so far. Not a problem – if you are just beginning!  The more that a librarian knows the better the assistance!

Librarians provide assistance with -

  • Choosing a topic, if still a possibility.  Considering with you narrowing or broadening your topic, as needed.
  • Developing or refining a research strategy such as linking concepts; using filters.
  • Discovering alternative search terms for your topic.

  • Evaluating critically sources listed in the search results, e.g., multiple authors that make the same point is an indicator of more reliable information.        
  • Citing sources properly.
  • Any other tips or hints.

Reach out, and learn more how a librarian can assist you to be successful!