Answered By: Mari Kermit-Canfield
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2024     Views: 6

When researching, it’s important to search using essential keywords or phrases that represent the key concepts of your topic.

    1. Write down your research question or topic.
    2. Identify the key concepts. Most keywords are nouns and you only need a few to describe your topic. Make sure to avoid vague or “fluff” words (how, the, of, etc.)
    3. Brainstorm synonyms for your keywords.
    4. Mix & match keywords while searching. If you keep using the same words while searching, you’ll keep getting the same results.

If you’re having trouble brainstorming keywords:

  • Do some background research
  • Use a thesaurus to help you find synonyms
  • Do a quick search and see how your topic is described
  • Ask an AI for some keyword ideas